Friday, 30 October 2009

All Souls' Masses in Edinburgh

Monday, 2nd November 2009
8.00am, 12.15pm and 6.15pm

Latin Requiem Masses
according to the Extraordinary Form

Rev. Fr. John Emerson
Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter

8.00am, Low (said) Mass
FSSP Oratory, 6 Belford Park, Edinburgh

12.15pm, Gregorian sung Mass:
FSSP Oratory, 6 Belford Park, Edinburgh

6.15pm, Gregorian sung Mass:
St Andrew's RC Church, 77 Belford Road, Edinburgh
(with Gregorian Chant sung by Schola Sanctae Margaritae, Regina Scotorum)

For more information on the FSSP in the UK, see

To find out more about the Schola, which sings monthly Latin Vespers in Edinburgh, visit

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