Monday, 30 November 2009

upcoming events - December (1)

Events to December 14th

Monday - Friday during Advent

12.0 - 12.30pm, St Mary's RC Cathedral, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Wednesday 2 December 2009
Holy Hour - Prayer for Priests
7.00 - 8.00pm, St Mary's RC Cathedral, Broughton Street, Edinburgh

Thursdays, 3 & 10 December 2009
Gregorian Chant for Beginners
9.45 - 11.45am, Appies Tea Rooms, Sandvick, Orkney Islands

Saturday 5 December 2009
Cardinal Winning Pro-Life Initiative Advent Bazaar
12.00 noon - 2.00pm
Holy Cross Church Hall, 104 Albert Road, Crosshill, G42 8DR
(see here)

Sunday 6 December 2009
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
11.00am, St Margaret's RC Church, Loch Rd, South Queensferry,
followed by Rosary and Benediction at 3.00pm

Monday 7 December 2009
(vigil of the Immaculate Conception)
Traditional Latin Mass
7pm, Sacred Heart Church, 50 Old Dalmarnock Road, Bridgeton, Glasgow
followed by tea and talk for half an hour - all welcome

Tuesday 8 December 2009 (Immaculate Conception)
Traditional Latin Mass (Missa Cantata) [EF]
6.15pm, St Andrew's Church, Belford Road, Ravelston, Edinburgh
(to be confirmed)

Tuesday 8 December 2009
Prayer Evening for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
7.30 - 9.30pm, Convent, 106 Dixon Avenue, Glasgow
organised by the Confraternity of St Joseph (more info)

Saturday 12 December 2009
Una Voce Advent Day of Recollection
10.00am, Nazareth House, Glasgow
Led by Mgr Hugh Boyle.
Starts 10am, with Coffee; ends with Holy Hour, approx. 3pm

Sunday 13 December 2009
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
11.00am, St Margaret's RC Church, Loch Rd, South Queensferry,
followed by Rosary and Benediction at 3.00pm

Sunday 13 December 2009
Sung Latin Vespers and Benediction
5.00pm, St John Cantius Church, Broxburn (more info)

Sunday 13 December 2009
Carol-singing (more info)
starts 2.30pm, Fortescue House, 58 Grove End Road, London NW8
ends approx. 4.00pm, in aid of the Knights of Malta Hospice


Please comment with details of further events.


JK said...

Is it necessary to register for the Day of Recollection at Nazareth House or should one simply turn up?

Mark M said...

JK: I'm pretty sure one can just turn up. If there is a registration process, I've never used it before!

Hope to see you then!

JK said...

There seems to be a fair bit of choice in Glasgow on a Sunday. There's the EF at Sacred Heart, the OF at St Patrick's at 4pm and I understand the EF through SSPX at their Chapel at 9.45am. Which should I be attending and why?? Suggestions most welcome!

Mark M said...

Well, I think the answer all depends on what YOU want. Because of the options available, there's more than one question to be asked; however, it's often conflated into one, which will render the wrong answer. Similarly, many would make a kneejerk reaction in regard to SSPX - either for or against - which again will not aid you.

The first question, I think, is one of *form* of the Rite. If you want to see and hear how the Ordinary Form ought to be celebrated (and in accordance with Vatican II, despite what iconoclasts will tell you), then go to Fr Byrne's afternoon Mass as St Patrick's. As befits the Roman rite, it features Gregorian chant.

Now, let's say you have no wish to go: either you feel the OF canon is still too cut down; or, you have already been; or, you just don't like it. Then you go to the Extraordinary Form.

As to *which* EF Mass to go to, the main question is not what one ordinarily thinks. One must first think of the spirit in which one might attend an SSPX Mass. Is it out of some sort of divisive, "us and them", mentality. If so, then it is not lawful to attend an SSPX Mass. The Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei" (now part of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) has already determined in this regard.

However, let's say you just want to go to an EF Mass, no ulterior motives coming into play, then the *true* question becomes one of convenience. If the two Masses were in the same street at the same time, then obviously you go to the Diocesan one, to avoid giving others the mistaken impression you are supporting SSPX in any public or private disagreements with the Roman Pontiff; but, otherwise, all things being equal, you simply go to the one that better suits your personal circumstances.

Tip: try all three. They're all fairly regular. The Mass at Sacred Heart will be a "Sung" one on the 13th.

sorry for the longwinded answer, but I think the situation deserves choice thought. God bless you!